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Sweet Sauce Coffee

- Bespoke Barista -


Coffee & Me

Hi! I'm Carmen. Some of my favorite places to be are outside in the wilderness, around a large table filled with love and laughter and barefoot in the kitchen with a glass of wine, some good tunes and free to create. 


I have been a barista and bartender for about 10 years but I added in my love of essential oils just 2 years ago, blending these worlds together and creating some of my favorite flavors. 


I started using essential oils because I wholeheartedly believe in the healing properties of the natural elements surrounding us. Have a headache? Peppermint! Toothache? Clove oil. But, I digress...


I am a small business local to Las Vegas where I was born and raised. So, with that being said I try to support other small local business and get my coffee beans from local roasters. I make sure they are Organic, Fair trade Certified and ethically sourced goods. We have to treat our farmers fairly!


Coffee * Charcuterie * Cocktails


All of my coffee and espresso bars start with a signature syrup created just to your taste using essential oils, fresh flowers and herbs. 


Most events, weddings, I do are outdoors so I create beautiful charcuterie style tables again using fresh meats, cheese, crackers, fruits and vegetables. 


Craft cocktails can be poured with any spirit of your choice! We can create something together or you can leave it to me to use fun flavors and create a favorite just for your event!


“There is nothing better than a friend, unless it is a friend with coffee.” 

Up Coming Events

Las Vegas and Beyond

Will update when open events are happening!


Contact Me / TEL: 702-325-6730

Contact me for more information on pricing for events

Can't wait to hear from you!

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